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SELLING SMARTER: 7 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Appraisal Value

By WVH Editors

HomeKingsmill on the James, Williamsburg VA: 2-BR river-view home sharp and ready to show. 

Here are seven inexpensive and easy do-it-yourself fixes
that can result in a higher appraisal and a better closing price for your home. Courtesy
of The Baltimore Sun.

1. Fix It!
Often little holes and cracks
go unnoticed when preparing the house for sale. Spackle the holes and touch up
any molding. Other small repairs that should not be overlooked: broken windows,
cracked bathroom tiles, and leaky facets. Making these repairs not only improves
your curb appeal but also protects the value of the property.

2. Eliminate the
Put your home on its best display. Organize and clean all of
the rooms. Put personal items, such as family photographs, out




Doorknobs are out—levered

handles are the new go-to.



of sight. You
want the buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the home. Eliminating
clutter will make the room appear larger. A messy or cluttered room could
indicate that there are hidden problems in the house.

3. Get a New Grip
Doorknobs are out, according
to The Baltimore Sun. Levered door handles are the new go-to. Levered door
handles have an easier grip, which is especially important for senior homebuyers.

4. Cut the Lawn
A manicured lawn will be the
first thing buyers see when they arrive at your home. Consider your home’s curb
appeal and remember that first impressions count.

5. Paint, Paint, Paint
Skip glossy or vibrant colors
and simply add a few coats of fresh paint in neutral tones to the outside and
inside of your home. It will brighten and update your space, sending a good
message to buyers.

6. Hire a Qualified Appraiser
Homeowners that are
refinancing should always check that the appraiser hired by their lender is
qualified. Some parties viewing your home may not accept an appraisal from a
non-certified appraiser.

7. Promote Yourself
When the appraiser is in your
home, point out your updates. You don’t want to follow the appraiser around the
house, but highlight a few of the upgrades or give a list to the appraiser. The
appraiser wants as much information about the property as possible. 

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