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Update: Scow Rising in Vineyard Haven Begins to Take Shape

Posted by David Lott on June 13, 2012

Last October 23, 2011, we posted the first of, now three, entries about the construction of a 70-foot scow on a Beach Road lot in Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard.

The second update appeared in March. Now it's June and builder Ted Box is a little farther along, getting close to the time when he can apply planking to the frame.

B VH Harbor - Scow  G&B 039


A VH Harbor - Scow  G&B 038

C VH Harbor - Scow  G&B 040

D VH Harbor - Scow  G&B 041

G VH Harbor - Scow  G&B 045

The building itself is still nearly indistinguishable from the skeleton of the scow inside. That will change once the hull planking, below, begins to be applied.

K VH Harbor - Scow  G&B 047

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