Day 13: A Meeting at Wood's Hole, Then Martha's Vineyard Reached at Last

Day 13: A Meeting at Wood's Hole, Then Martha's Vineyard Reached at Last

There was so little wind in Buzzard's Bay that you could see your reflection with ease.

Editor's Note: This entry is the final installment of a 10-part series of entries chronicling GolfCourseHome and WaterViewHome Publisher David Lott's cruise from Baltimore to Martha's Vineyard. Look for links to the next entry at the end of each post. You can also find links to other posts at the start of each entry. Start at the beginning by clicking on Day 1 below.

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The final day of our trip began in haze with a hot sun beating down and no wind. We soon motored within site of the first of the Elizabeth Islands and as we came up the bay-side we could see Martha's Vineyard peeking through the breaks between the islands.

Our first view of the Elizabeth Islands. If you stared hard enough, you could get a peek at the Vineyard.

A tug and a barge circled each other lazily before heading up the Bay.

Two NOAA ships stand at the ready in Wood's Hole, Mass.

We arrived in Wood's Hole around six where we were supposed to meet Elise and her brother Charlie. They weren't there yet and a fellow boatsman saw us circling around and pointed us to a mooring. Ten minutes  later Charlie and Elise came into view.

Charlie and Elise come to greet us.

Charlie and Elise will be joining us on Avanti for the last leg home.

Our two passengers settle in for the final six miles across Vineyard Sound.

These final six miles were amazing for the simple reason that I have been coming to Martha's Vineyard since 1954 and have always come by ferry (with a few arrivals at the MV Airport). Now for the first time in 54 years I was arriving on my own boat. How strange to simply pull up to a dock and step out on the island without the usual passage via ferry!

Avanti makes it final turns as it nears Dove Cottage Dock.

One last turn allowing Phoebe to take some pictures, then it's into the dock.

Waiting to meet us at Dove Cottage dock in Vineyard Haven were Jean, Charlie's wife, Charlie's son Berkley, my daughter Phoebe and her beau Brandon. They were ready with cameras and arms to pull us in.

Berkley and Jean grab a line while Phoebe records the moment.

A happy ending--David and Elise on Avanti in Vineyard Haven. Miles Traveled: 465

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