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10 Tips to Sell Your Home in Martha's Vineyard

  1. Get your home showroom ready!You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves in the space. Make this easier for them by removing personal photos and extraneous trinkets and clutter. This will not only give the house versatility, but by removing the surplus of items, it also makes the space appear bigger.
  2. Take good photos!When marketing your house photos are key, as they provide the representation of the space going out to potential buyers over the internet, in real estate guides and more. Put your best foot forward by providing photos of your home in pristine, spotless condition with good lighting.
  3. A little goes a long way!When getting your house ready to sell don't go overboard with major upgrades that won't end up paying off in the end. Instead, take care of details that will make your house all the more appealing. Apply a fresh coat of paint, fix a squeaky door, or take a wrench to a dripping faucet.
  4. Kitchen is key!An outdated kitchen can turn off potential buyers and even knock down the asking price of your home. New appliances or countertops can totally revamp the space and will certainly up the value of your home, but if you don't have the dough to redo, put a neutral color on the walls and new hardware on the cabinetry.
  5. Curb Appeal!People will judge a book by its cover, so make sure the outside of your house looks as inviting as possible. Simply weeding, power washing and planting flowers can make your home all the more appealing.
  6. Always be prepared!The more available your home is to be shown, the more prospective buyers are able to stop by. Keep your house clean and ready to be displayed at a moments notice, and head out while tours are taking place so that buyers can move around freely.
  7. Don't overshoot!Talk to your agent and find out what your house is worth, and then undershoot by 15-20%. While it may be tempting to go in high and lower the price if it's not selling, more bidders will approach a house that's considered a deal and many will end up bidding up to compete.
  8. Clear out the animal kingdom!While your pets may be important to you, they could be a turn off to buyers who don't share your same affection for furry friends. Animal smell and dog hair can also make your house seem dirty, so be sure to freshen up and take the pets out for the day before an open house.
  9. Extenuate those closets!Closet space is always an important feature when looking at a home so make yours seem as big and versatile as possible. By simply leaving the closets half empty, it gives the allusion that you have storage room to spare and can make them seem like a major bonus to the home.
  10. Give everything a purpose!Many homes have “extra rooms” and awkward nook spaces that can leave outsiders confused. Stage these areas with a purpose, for example as an office space or den. Beware of getting too specific, however, as creating spaces geared specifically towards children or some sort of hobby can narrow down the demographics of interested buyers.

Our Services

We at Vineyard Open House Real Estate offer a variety of services to help you sell your house and are devoted to providing our clients with personal and accommodating assistance.

Comparative Market Analysis

One of the most important parts of selling your home is obviously establishing an asking price that is both reasonable and aligned with the value of your house. The way to do this is by creating a comparative market analysis, which will provide an accurate representation of what your home is worth. You can request a comparative market analysis using our easy form, or contact the Vineyard Open House Real Estate Office.

Home Staging

Creating an inviting and attractive atmosphere is crucial in enticing potential buyers, and Vineyard Open House is happy to offer staging services to help achieve this. Kristin Zern, director of the Rental Division, has had many years experience staging houses for promotional photos and open houses and will apply her expertise to your space. Call us at (508) 338-2495 for more information on staging your home.

Listing Your Property

When listing your house Vineyard Open House you're enlisting us to provide professional service and help every step of the way in getting your house sold in a timely manner. Just some of the services we offer are:

  • Setting up for and facilitating open houses with prospective buyers in your home.
  • Advertising your home in local media and on the Internet, including social media promotions.
  • Featuring your home in the Vineyard Open House newsletter.
  • Promoting your home on sites like Trulia, Zillow and to attract leads.
  • Event marketing, wherein we organize an event, such as a wine tasting, in your home and invite a pool of top prospective buyers in order to present your home in a unique and attractive environment.
  • Editorial and PR releases to local print and online sources to drum up interest.
  • Featuring your home on Golf Course Home, a network of 40-plus member websites.

For more information on our services please contact us.

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