Days 11-12: Milford to Saybrook, CT, to Port Judith & a Self-Made Boat

Days 11-12: Milford to Saybrook, CT, to Port Judith & a Self-Made Boat

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_Dave Clake stands next to the boat he spent 18 years building, the Windfield Lash, Friendship, Maine. Note the T-shirt: Have you hugged your binnacle today? _ From Milford, CT, we motor sailed to Saybrook and then on to Point Judith, Rhode Island. Now we were only one day away from our destination and it seemed that the trip was coming to a close all too soon. But one of our final encounters was one of the best. We ran into a real old salt named Dave Clarke, 70, who hails from Peterborough, NH, but more realistically today you could say his home is his boat, the Windfield Lash, which has to win best boat name of the trip.

_Winfield Lash, two-masted schooner, Point Judith, Rhode Island. _ Clarke speaks with the quiet confidence of a man who has accomplished much and is not easily impressed. His launched his two-masted schooner in 2000 after laboring for 18 years to bring it into being. The rich wood interior is filled with a rare wood he scavenged off a foundered ship. The deck is highlighted by the shinning binnacle of a topless woman shouldering the ship's compass.

The binnacle--cold comfort for long nights at sea?

A section of the massive bowsprit.

Even the dingy is a beauty.

Clarke noted that he served on the "first spook boat" in the Cold War era of the 1950s. His ship was a submarine--with "tubes loaded with live torpedoes fore and aft"--that followed Russian subs that had ventured into US coastal waters.

The gentle sweep of the foredeck of Winfield Lash.

Looking forward--notice the long bowsprit.

The Winfield Lash measures 32 feet in length along the water line*,* then add another 10 feet for the bowsprit.

The masts stand tall under a threatening sky.

Prisms imbedded in the deck cast light in the cabin below.

More storage detail; notice the light streaming down from the prism from the deck above.

The main cabin, looking forward, offers the warm comforting feeling of rich wood.
The detail near the top of the closet was taken from found furniture and inserted.

Headboard for the bed.

The skylight is centered over the main living area.

Clarke intends to circumnavigate the globe once he finishes repairing odds and ends in Port Judith. The Winfield Lash was not the only appealing wooden boat at the marina. See below for another.


The Port Judith Marina had all the conveniences and was a fine resting spot.

Early the next morning, a Saturday, fishing boats started heading out to sea.

Avanti ready for the final leg on Saturday shortly after dawn.

Kathleen, a magnificent catboat, sailed by as we readied to leave. The boat was profiled in Wooden Boat magazine in its November/December 2006 issue. You can see a
Couldn't resist taking several photos.

A looker from all angles.

Heading out from the breakers at Port Judith, we turned north into Buzzard's Bay and a late afternoon rendezvous with Elise and her brother Charlie in Wood's Hole, MA.




The early morning haze began to lift and so did our spirits. The bimini came down and we let the sun shine in. Miles Traveled: 419. Day 13: Martha's Vineyard at Last

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