Gannon & Benjamin's New Family Sailboat Takes Shape in Their Vineyard Haven Shipyard

Gannon & Benjamin's New Family Sailboat Takes Shape in Their Vineyard Haven Shipyard


This winter work began on Nat Benjamin’s newest daysailer, Design #78, a family boat built for Vineyard waters for adventures near and somewhat far.


This newest vessel in the Benjamin & Gannon catalog can carry either a gaff or Marconi rig and two of them are already on order with a scheduled launch for early summer 2012.


Benjamin had in mind several requirements for the boar:  affordability, easy maintenance, trailer-able, good performance and an appeal to a wide age group.


The generous sail area, long LWL and powerful quarters are designed for good performance as well as good looks that would make it attractive to younger sailors for racing and adventuring.

1 G&B boat

Older sailors will appreciate the bench seats and comfortable coaming to support the lower back. The boat will have painted topsides, deck and bottom. Only the spars will be varnished.

3 G&B boat

Varnish can be used, if requested, but G&B recommends tung oil finish on the coamings and guard rails, and Penefin for the interior in order to keep the maintenance low.

4 G&B boat

The keel is made of angelique, and locust and white oak will be used for the stem and frames.  Planking will be white cedar.  Fastenings will be silicon bronze and copper rivets.

6 G&B boat

The deck will be marine plywood covered with canvas. The cock-pit coamings and trim will be in silver balli and wana.

8 G&B Boat

Specs:  LOD 18’3"       LWL: 17’5"

10 G&B boat

BEAM:  6’3"    DRAFT: 10"/3’9"   SAIL AREA: 171sf

9 G&B boat

See more photos on the G&B website.

11 G&B boat

7 G&B boat plans

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