ICW Cruise: Going 'Outside' to Fernandina & Peaceful Marshes at Oyster Bay Harbour

ICW Cruise: Going 'Outside' to Fernandina & Peaceful Marshes at Oyster Bay Harbour


Editor's Note: The ICW series of blog entries details the April 2010 cruise down the ICW made by WaterViewHome Network Publisher David Lott. The purpose of the trip is twofold: to accompany Captain Steve Weisbrod who is delivering a 43-foot Lagoon PowerCat from Lewis, DE, to Key West, FL, where it will become part of a charter fleet, and to visit golf and waterview communities and report on them. You can read all other posts by clicking on the headlines on the list of entries at the end of this installment.

After my tour of Windmill Harbour, I hurried back to the Harbor Town Yacht Basin so Captain Steve could meet his deadline of departing by 11 am. However, before we left I exchanged burgees with longtime harbormaster Nancy Cappleman.

#1A Burgee exchange
Another burgee for the growing WaterViewHome collection.

Then took some final shots of the beautiful boats in the Basin.

#1b boat

#1C reflect
This beautiful schooner begged for a few shots.

#1D cokcpit
Cockpit up close.

1E same boat
Sleek lines.

Last look at the famous lighthouse.

Once out in the Sound we passed a parasailer. It reminded me that my then-soon-to-be-90-year-old mother parasailed on Martha's Vineyard just a few years ago. She's now close to 96 and still going strong.


#2 fishing boat
A fishing boat looked like a giant winged bug.

We went outside the ICW for the second time on the trip and took aim for Fernandina, FL. The end of the trip was getting very close. Hilton Head Island is at Mile 559 and Becky Bad Girl was to straight-line for Fernandina at Mile 717--a 158-mile sprint that she could handle without a sweat.

The first landmarks we saw as we neared Fernandina were the paper mills. If the air is right, you can smell them, too. The locals don't seem to mind at all, understanding that the mills provide jobs, pay taxes and are a big reason the area survives economically.

#3 paper mill
Paper mill at Fernandina.

#4 filler up
Becky Bad Girl was hungry and we filled her up.

#5 co-exist
A peaceful co-existence--local industry and the boating community.

#6 cranes
Barnyard rules: Two socially smug chickens turn their backs on an irrelevant giraffe.

#7 Sean leads
Dockmaster Sean Murphy has come out to lead us into Oyster Bay Harbour.

As we eased into the floating docks at Oyster Bay Harbour, we marveled at the vast marsh and easy sense of peace surrounding the community.

#8 approaching OB
Sean shows the way.

#9 marsh slip
The marsh provides a quiet backdrop.

#10 slip
Sean makes sure we go to the right slip.

#11 Steve - bride
A young couple about to be married at the club was there taking pictures. Captain Steve made sure he was invited.

Once at the club we met one of the principals at the club, Marc Footlik. He treated us to dinner at the clubhouse and we made a date to tour the property the next day. It was to be my last night on the boat.

Evening marsh

Evening falls on the marsh surrounding Oyster Bay Harbour.

Burgee exchange

The all-important burgee exchange.

Tomorrow Steve takes off early to make quick work of the rest of his trip to the Florida Keys while after a tour of Oyster Bay, I will head to Amelia Island Plantation.

Next Up: A Tour of Oyster Bay Harbour, Becky Bad Girl Moves On

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