ICW Cruise: Despite Fuel Problems, On to Locks, Swing Bridges & Finally, Georgie's

ICW Cruise: Despite Fuel Problems, On to Locks, Swing Bridges & Finally, Georgie's


Editor's Note: The ICW series of blog entries details the April 2010 cruise down the ICW made by WaterViewHome Network Publisher David Lott. The purpose of the trip is twofold: to accompany Captain Steve Weisbrod who is delivering a Lagoon PowerCat 43 from Lewis, DE, to Key West, FL, where it will become part of a charter fleet, and to visit golf and waterview communities and report on them. You can read other entries by clicking on the list of headlines at the end of this post.

ICW Trip Announcement
DAY 1 - Havre de Grace, MD - Engine Trouble

DAY 2 - Alligator River Marina, NC - River Forest, NC
DAY 3 - Oriental, NC - An Introduction to River Dunes
DAY 3 - The Oriental Boat Show Is a Town-wide Celebration
DAY 4 - Tip-Toeing Past Firing Lines

DAY 6 - Charleston's Mega Dock Showcases the World's Most Beautiful Boats

Fueling - brooke
Captain Steve fills up and talks with Brooke the dock girl.

Despite the previous day's efforts to rid the diesel tanks of foul fuel, the inside portside fuel tank still refuses to last more than 30 seconds before it cuts off from the engine, forcing Captain Steve to switch back to one of the three remaining tanks. Since there are two engines, the bad tank effectively cuts our available fuel in half, thus forcing us to fill up more frequently.

Steve has to get the boat to Key West by May 1st where it is to join a charter fleet. More time spent refueling is not only inefficient, but it wastes time. We shove off from Liberty Marina, but we know that an extended stop awaits us in the future in which the fuel must be fixed.

Norview Marina
A quick fuel stop at Norview Marina give us a look at a vanishing method of boat storage--boat sheds. There were several at this stop, plus several rows of house boats which could easily be mistaken for trailers in an RV dealer.

House boats
House boat, anyone?

Boat shed
A disappearing method of storage--boat sheds. Note the metal corrugated roof. The thought occurs, when one boat catches fire, so do they all.

_Part of the continuing parade of snowbirds heading back north. This one an Island Packet.

Stretches of the ICW are uninterrupted lengths of lazy river, thick trees and scrubs along the shore and a simple quiet of birds and wildlife with no signs of people.

Our first lock, at Great Bridge, NC. The lock doors close behind us and then water starts to drain out into the water beyond the lock in front of us until the water inside the lock is at the same height. Then the doors open and out we go.

Locks opening
Doors opening.

Mileage sign
Still 734 miles to go to Jacksonville and just before it, Amelia Island, my destination.

US Boat to the rescue of a grounded snowbird.

A pretty pair of trawlers, going north in tandem.


One of the many heavy-metal ICW swing bridges that pirouette seemingly on a dime, dancing like hippos in 'Fantasia.'

This marina at Coinjock was one to skip.

When dinosaurs ruled the earth. The approach to Norfolk, Va, highlighted by a herd of "brontosauruses."


Getting closer to Norfolk: Four ostriches resemble giant cranes.



One of many big boats. We are unable to shoot pictures of military vessels, but they are there.

After norfolk bridge
Another bridge and the continuing parade.


Arriving at River Forest for the night.

Capn Steve
Captain Steve strides back to the boat after checking in and looking fit as a fiddle after a long day.

We walk into town and eat dinner at Georgie's Oyster Bar at the suggestion of the dockmaster. Shortly after we sit down, the dockmaster himself comes in for dinner.  The Hatteras clam chowder is so good Captain Steve has two large bowls.

Now I discover there are three types of clam chowder--Manhattan (water base), New England (milk/cream base) and Hatteras (clam broth base). Georgie and his wife were so friendly, we had to take a picture of them standing on duty behind the counter (below).

Georgie's storefront, below.

Georgie's is open on Sundays, lucky for us.

Next, on to Oriental and our first waterfront community, River Dunes.

Follow the Complete Trip Down the ICW by clicking on the headlines below.

**ICW Trip Announcement

DAY 1 - Havre de Grace, MD - Engine Trouble**

DAY 2 - Alligator River Marina, NC - River Forest, NC

DAY 2: A Visit to River Dunes, Oriental NC

DAY 3 - The Oriental Boat Show Is a Town-Wide Celebration

DAY 4 - Tiptoeing Past Firing Lines to North River Club & Brunswick Forest

DAY 5 - St. James Plantation Marina - New Home Construction

DAY 6: Charleston's Mega Dock Is a Showcase for the World's Most Beautiful Yachts

Day 6: Daniel Island's Mitchell Wharf Offers Deepwater Docks, River Views

Day 6: Harbour Town Yacht Club with All the Trimmings on Hilton Head Island

Day 7: Discovering Windmill Harbour's Elegance and Privacy on HHI, SC

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