Holmes Hole SA Celebrates at Mid-Winter Dinner, Offers Visions & Boating Updates

Holmes Hole SA Celebrates at Mid-Winter Dinner, Offers Visions & Boating Updates

More than 30 sailors and spouses attended the Holmes Hole Sailing Association mid-winter dinner at the Wharf in Edgartown on Sunday, Feb. 13.


New Commodore Dan Culkin spoke after dinner welcoming everyone and gave out brass plaques to the season series winners who attended.


Roger Becker (above left), the erstwhile handicapper, unveiled a new boat rating system in which he was assisted by his PhD daughter. Looking at his charts you could understand why. The fleet is anxiously awaiting his final numbers.


One of the three options for dinner, this was the salmon (verdict: very good!).


HHSA News Shorts
Here are some mid-winter updates from those who couldn't make the dinner.

"Our Sonar is in RI at Waterline Systems getting repaired.  It was a sad day when she hit the beach, but I feel confident that Waterline will do a good job.  It took some time to get the insurance company and Waterline to work together, but I think all is going to be ok."

"We are in FL until April avoiding the snow up north.  I have been working on the YHYC Yearbook with Jack Gagnon and Margot Weston. Jack is doing a great job on layout and design and Margo has put in a ton of hours trying to get the directory as complete and correct as possible."-- Mary Worrell

Encore under sail in an earlier time._

"Greetings from Jackson Hole WY where we’ve had an excellent winter to date, 325” up on the hill. Are you aware that Tom Graham sold/traded SWALLOWS and bought ENCORE, one of G&B’s early boats and Nat is in the midst of a major redo? Cheers from us both." John & Lisa Stout

"Jill and I are doing well, but looking forward to the summer at VH and being with u all. We now have two grandchildren, William (2) who has been with us on the boat at VH, and our new grandchild of 2 weeks, Emma,---9.8 lbs!!! All doing fine.  'Arrant Rose' is having some inside work done, but we plan to take her back home to VH late May"-- Rich Glaser

Finally, I bumped into Mo Flam on the ferry as I was leaving the island. He was on his way to Rhode Island to look at his new Alerion28. He later sent me a photo, see below!

Penelope Cockpit.jpg
This new Alerion28 will join the HHSA fleet in 2011.

_Send your Holmes Hole updates to David Lott.

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