New Alerion Sport 33 Unveiled by Pearson Marine Group to Rave Reviews

New Alerion Sport 33 Unveiled by Pearson Marine Group to Rave Reviews

Alerion sport

The new Alerion Sport 33.

At noon on March 13th


While the Sport model shares the same hull as the Express 33, the Sport has considerably less displacement, higher SA/Disp ratio, and carries an asymmetric code headsail for faster reaching and running. Tiller steering gives the skipper that sensitive feel that is both desired and delightful in a high-performance sailboat.

Sail Solo
In keeping with Alerion's belief that an owner ought to be able to sail alone, all sail controls are led within reach of the skipper, with on-deck lines led in tunnels to jammers at the aft-end of the cabin where their tails can drop into cockpit-neatening boxes. The mainsheet is mounted on a barney post, so it can be played actively. Both headsail and mainsail are fitted with multi-part fine-tune lines to eliminate tiller-between-the-knees winching.

A number of cockpit options gives owners some attractive personalization. The Port sail locker can become an on-deck cooler; since its Starboard twin is so commodious, the extra stowage space might not be missed. The aft sections of the long seats are removable to create forward-facing seats at both aft corners. Even with those sections open, the seats are long enough to stretch out for a nap or to handle a large party of friends or family.

The standard mast is carbon composite with Nitronic rod rigging. The hardware package is geared to sailing fast, in company, and winning prizes. But there is also great comfort with angled cockpit seat backs, wide coamings to rest elbows or derrieres, and clear decks. The hulls are produced with infusion molded SCRIMP construction for strength and lasting quality without excess weight.

Accommodations below permit overnighting but the overall intention for Alerion Sport 33 is one-day action. There are berths for four adults, a head and simple stowage. A 20 HP diesel with Saildrive is standard - for getting to and from the starting line when winds are not reliable. A Hoyt jib boom with extender is optional along with the hardware attendant to flying an asymmetric headsail.

The base price of (MSRP) $199,900 includes sails and all major equipment.

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