Photo Essay: A Lazy November Afternoon Kayaking in Quitsa and Menemsha Pond

Photo Essay: A Lazy November Afternoon Kayaking in Quitsa and Menemsha Pond

It was a cool overcast day on Martha's Vineyard. The sun was struggling to come out, the temperature was flirting with the 50 degree mark and our kayak called out for a small adventure. We decided to go upisland to Chilmark and put the kayak in where Stonewall Pond meets Nashaquitsa (Quitsa) Pond near South Road.

Stonewall pond
Looking at Stonewall Pond, the Atlantic just beyond it.

In flight
Quitsa Pond.

Kayak trip 11-6-10 002

You can almost paddle from the Atlantic Ocean to Vineyard Sound by this waterway. Quitsa Pond is a calm unhurried paddle that leads to a narrow entrance to the much larger Menemsha Pond.

As you paddle through the passage way into Menemsha Pond the wind whips up and small whitecaps appear and the current takes a grip on your kayak. Swooping birds--gulls and ospreys--and an ocassional scallop boat passed us by in the larger body of water. We made our way across the pond to a sandy beach from which we could see the fishing village of Menemsha.

Kayak trip 11-6-10 010

Kayak trip 11-6-10 016

We then turned around and with the wind at our back sliced through the water at a solid pace, the water sometimes washing up over the bow. We shot through the entrance to Quitsa Pond as the afternoon sun began to break through the clouds.

Scallop boats in Quitsa Pond.

Shack better
Shelling shack.

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