Building's Walls Fall Away to Reveal Scow 'Seeker' Ready for its First Journey

Building's Walls Fall Away to Reveal Scow 'Seeker' Ready for its First Journey

The walls of the building that have enclosed Seeker for more than two years are now falling away as the scow readies to be moved to a new location down the road.

Boat builder Ted Box is getting closer to moving day for his all-wood scow Seeker that he is building on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard. (See links to earlier posts about Seeker at the end of this post.)

Seeker has a passing resemblance to Noah's Ark.

Asked to vacate the property he and his still-unfinished creation have occupied for more than two years, he is getting the boat ready to move via water to a new location on property owned by Packer Oil a half mile down the road.

Stern of Seeker.

As his vision moves closer to reality, Box has found it easier to get people to see his vision. Packer is donating the land the scow will sit on until launch day and the I beams that will lift the boat off the Vineyard Haven sand enabling it to move to its new location will be donated as well.

Ted Box, builder, says, "Slow & steady finishes the job."

Box says that he and volunteers have already poste between 8,000 and 9,000 man-hours constructing the vesseal which Box sees as a learning laboratory for kids and a tourist attraction for adults.

Stay tuned for moving day which should be quite a show. (More photos below.)

Deck covers
__Hatch covers in place.

Below deck
Below deck.

Close-up under the bow.

Possible rigging coiled and ready.

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