Best Time To Sell Real Estate on Martha's Vineyard

Best Time To Sell Real Estate on Martha's Vineyard

Thinking of selling your home? Well, the time to make your move is now.

"We are entering peak home selling season," says the "Bowtie Economist" Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D.

The months with the highest premiums over asking price, says Eisenberg, are March (8.9%), April (9.2%), May (12.6%), June (10.7%), and July (10%).

Five Days in May

The five days of the year when sellers are likely to receive the highest premium over asking price all happen during the third and fourth weeks of May, he says.

Lastly, May 23rd is the best day of the year to get a premium amount over the asking price of your home. That's when sellers get offers 18.3% over their asking price.

Don't Forget the Fall

While taking these stats into consideration, be aware that Martha's Vineyard presents a different market over the mainland. The fall is also a particularly active time of the year.

Summer selling slows as homes are rented out and showing of homes is curtailed. That's when buyers simply kick the tires of homes, driving around and taking note of what they might want to see later.

Then in the fall, those tire-kickers come back and make concrete offers. For example, the average selling price of a home on Martha's Vineyard hit a record $2,507,199 in the fourth quarter of last year, a 4% increase from 2021 Q4 of $2,414,723, according to LINK statistics.

In general, prices are staying high island-wide. The expected downturn in pricing is not happening. And now is the best time to sell to get your best price. Just ask the Bowtie Economist.

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