US Coast Guard Selects Morris Yachts to Build Its New Training Vessel

US Coast Guard Selects Morris Yachts to Build Its New Training Vessel


_The new 44-foot David Pedrick-designed Leadership 44
Cuyler Morris is pleased to announce that the US Coast Guard awarded Morris Yachts the contract to build the new Leadership 44. Morris won the contract over several other prestigious yards to build 4 Leadership 44 training vessels.

The new 44-foot David Pedrick-designed vessels will replace the decades old Luders sailing craft. Morris will begin the construction by the end of this year. Morris was selected over Hinckley, Tartan, Goetz and Pearson.

"We look at the partnership of designer and builder for our Leadership 44 program as a huge win/win for everybody involved. We have in David Pedrick one of the most acclaimed yacht designers in the world and in our builder, Morris Yachts, we have arguably the finest builder in the country and a firm that will be our partner long after our last boat is launched," said Bob Hallock Leadership 44 Procurement Chair.

"This is a very prestigious and timely contract for Morris Yachts", said Morris, "It is an honor to be chosen by our country's Coast Guard to build these craft. These vessels are the foundation of leadership training at the Coast Guard Academy.

"Secondly, it allows Morris to bring back as many as 20 of our skilled workers who were furloughed this summer due to economic times." Mechanics, electricians, carpenters and composite craftsmen will be re-hired this fall. As the promotional material states, the Coast Guard hope to build as many as 8; one for each Cadet company.

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