Milford, CT: Beautiful Boats, Protected Anchorage & A Fine Dinner

Milford, CT: Beautiful Boats, Protected Anchorage & A Fine Dinner

Editor's Note: This entry is part of a series of entries chronicling GolfCourseHome and WaterViewHome Publisher David Lott's cruise from Baltimore to Martha's Vineyard. Look for links to the next entry at the end of each post. You can also find links to other posts at the start of each entry. Day 1: 40 Fast Miles Ends with Engine Failure Day 2 & 3 : Fuel polishing and on to the C&D Canal Day 4: Delaware Bay Day 6: Trump Marina Atlantic City Day 6-7: Confused Seas at Manasquan Inlet Day 7-8: Riding Pea Soup Fog into New York City Day 8-9: Cruising thru New York City & Hell's Gate Day 9-10: Beautiful Boats at Milford, CT Day 11: Saybrook & the Schooner Winfield Lash  Day 12-13: Martha's Vineyard at Last


We motor sailed today up to Milford, CT. An uneventful day covering 48 miles. We left at a leisurely 9 a.m. and arrived at 6:30 p.m. As we edged closer we could see fine home sitting at the edge of the water enjoying a wide and spectacular view of Long Island Sound.

We saw many incredible boats. Very few were power, but they were classic in appearance, such as the Belle, above.


John remembered being here a year ago and was pleased to see Milford's floating docks again. They're easy to tie up to and rise and fall with the tide so you don't have to worry about having too little line out.

Two by two boats line up against the floating docks.

Here's another pair that greeted us in the marina.



Once ashore, we were greeted with Milford's long history and some great old buildings.

We walked around the beautiful town green looking for a store where we could buy tomatoes and cucumbers for our dinner salad. Bumped into a nice young man named Chris who said he knew the guy at the Bistro, above, who would cut some up for us. He did indeed  and we also ended up buying a nice red wine and bagguette.

Milford's Stone Bridge which commemorates the grist mill and later a saw mill which sat beside the steam for two and a half centuries, beginning in 1639 and ending in 1894., manned by nine generations of Fowlers.


Back on board John cooked a capital spaghetti dinner complete with tomatoes, cucumbers, wine and baguette from the Bistro.


Avanti looked great amongst the fine line of elegant sailing boats in the marina. tomorrow we head further up the CT coast to Saybrook. Miles Traveled: 333. Day 11: Saybrook & the Winfield Lash

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