Which Is the Real Vineyard Vixen? You Choose!

Which Is the Real Vineyard Vixen? You Choose!

The times are getting confusing. If you're into sailing, you may know what a Vineyard Vixen is. But if you are into wine, you'll have another idea of what a true Vineyard Vixen looks like. Please see the photos below and decide for yourself.

Vineyar vixenA
This Vineyard Vixen floats and is 28 years old. It is for sale. She was designed by Tom Hale and built at the Martha's Vineyard Shipyard, which the Hale family has owned for 50 years.

This Vixen will float your boat. She is holding a bottle of wine from the award-winning California winery V-Twin Vineyards. The company has graciously given us permission to use these photos.


Another angle of the Vineyard Vixen.


This Vineyard Vixen is standing in front of oak wine barrels, not to be confused with kegs.

This is the teak-finished interior of a Vineyard Vixen, which has a skeg-hung rudder.

So which one is the real Vineyard Vixen? You decide!


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