Avanti Day 2 & 3: 1 1/2 Days Lost to Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

Avanti Day 2 & 3: 1 1/2 Days Lost to Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

Editor's Note: This entry is part of a series of entries chronicling GolfCourseHome and WaterViewHome Publisher David Lott's cruise from Baltimore to Martha's Vineyard. Look for links to the next entry at the end of each post. You can also find links to other posts at the start of each entry. Day 1: 40 Fast Miles Ends with Engine Failure Day 2 & 3 : Fuel polishing and on to the C&D Canal Day 4: Delaware Bay Day 6: Trump Marina Atlantic City Day 6-7: Confused Seas at Manasquan Inlet Day 7-8: Riding Pea Soup Fog into New York City Day 8-9: Cruising thru New York City & Hell's Gate Day 9-10: eautiful Boats at Milford, CT Day 11: Saybrook & the Schooner Winfield Lash  Day 12-13: Martha's Vineyard at Last

The Two Rivers Marina on the Bohemia River offered a slip, but no diesel fuel--Captain John walked, 3 gallon can in hand, to a nearby marina that had the good stuff.

Algae and water were the culprits to our engine trouble. The turbulent day of sailing had mixed up the water in the fuel tank and caused the shut down. Placid days of motoring in Baltimore Harbor prior to our departure kept the two dire enemies from mixing. But 25 knot gusts created the mortal mixture and now we had to have the fuel polished.

A local company, PetroClean, was able to come at 8 am the morning of Day 3 after we had spent Day 2 figuring out the reason why our engine would not start. Fuel polishing iis simply sucking the fuel out of the tank, running it through filters and sending it back into the fuel tank.

But Brandon, the PetroMan, showed us a jelly jar full of cloudy brick-red liquid and advised that we get rid of the fuel--half the tank was water. With all fuel gone, the tank was cleaned. We picked up diesel locally after a local boat broker loaned us his SUV. With fuel in the tank and the motor happy again--what a great sound it made when it finally started up again!--we were ready to head into the C&D Canal.

As we left the marina, we passed another Cape Dory, either a 270 (with drop-down centerboard like Avanti, or a full keel, a 27. Notice the added bowsprit).

We hadn't been in the C&D Canal for more than 10 minutes when this behemouth bore down on us.

Halfway through the canal we stopped for fuel at a marina which featured some pretty boats.....

.....And some fun ones.

We spent the night here and made ready for the next day's sail down the Delaware River and the crossing of Delaware Bay. Miles Traveled: 60. Day 4: Delaware Bay

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