Day 4 -5: From Delaware Bay to the Cape May Canal and Atlantic City

Day 4 -5: From Delaware Bay to the Cape May Canal and Atlantic City

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Our wake in Delaware Bay was accompanied by views of only water--land was briefly beyond our vision.

Day 4 ended with a short ride through the Cape May Canal to Utcher's Marina in Cape May, New Jersey. we had our best greeting of the trip--a goodie bag filled with treats such as a bottle of red wine, coupon for free coffee, biscotti, maps and soap. The biscotti immediately disappeared. We ate at a local restaurant, concluding a 57-mile, 11-hour day.

A dredging barge greeted us at the entrance to the Cape May Canal. Two diamonds on its roof means "pass this side."

The Cape May ferry ferry leads us into Lewes, Delaware, and the Cape May Canal.

The Lewes ferry terminal echoes Cape May's Victorian architecture.

A front-row seat on the canal.

Finally arrived at Utscher's Marina where we spied this trawler, Rambler, whose home port was
Caught a glimpse of this former queen of the seas which had seen far better days as we left Cape May Inlet.

We motored out from shore about 3-4 miles, and turned left to the north and Atlantic City. Rain came up again and we pulled on the foul weather gear. Following seas with four-foot swells gave us a good rocking and rolling ride and the newly anointed rubber gaskets stayed dry as a bone.

Atlantic City appeared out of the clouds and haze. Atlantic City first appeared when we were 15 miles out like a city in the clouds. Soon the beaches, the Taj Mahal casino and airplanes dragging huge advertising signs across the sky came into sharper focus.

We turned into the Absecon Inlet at 5:15 pm, having covered more than 47 miles, and continued on to the fuel dock in front of the Trump Marina. On to Manasquan and the treacherous Manasquan Inlet tomorrow!

View looking toward the bow and pulpit.

The Cape Dory 270 logo. Note the No. 4. Only 21 Cape Dory 270s were made. Avanti built in 1984, is hull No. 4. Miles Traveled: 163. Day 6: Trump Marina Atlantic City.

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