Vineyard Haven Named a Top 10 Micropolitan Area

Vineyard Haven Named a Top 10 Micropolitan Area

Vineyard Haven has been named the No. 6 Micropolitan Area in the U.S., according to a new survey issued by, a home and auto insurance company.

The surveying company identified 542 micropolitans in the U.S.,  and determined the top micropolitan areas to live in based on five categories: housing, income, employment, education and health.

A micropolitan area is just what you might imagine, a less urban environment that embraces small-town living away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Learn more about Vineyard Haven.

Attraction to Micropolitan Areas Grows

The trend towards migrating to a micropolitan (urban areas with 10,000-50,000 residents) has only accelerated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

A recent survey by The Harris Poll revealed that 39 percent of urbanites have considered leaving their city to live in a less-crowded area, and 21 percent of people had recently checked a real estate site to rent or buy a house in a rural spot.

Martha's Vineyard's real estate market dramatically underscores that migration---property sales soared in July and August with many buyers coming from nearby metropolitan areas. View homes for sale in Vineyard Haven.

Vineyard Haven No. 1 for Education Spending

Vineyard Haven had strong numbers in all categories while being ranked No. 1 for spending the most funds on individual student’s educational programs and resources.

The national average for education expenditure per student is $13,600. Vineyard Haven invests $21,679 per full-time student, according to the survey.

Education expenditures go towards operation costs, salaries and benefits for employees engaged in instruction, guidance counseling, textbooks and transportation, to name a few.

Simply put, the more an area spends on education expenditure per student, the more resources each student will have to help them succeed and get the most out of school. Bloomberg Top 10 Vacation Home Locations

Additional education-related metrics:

  • Total spend per student is $24,809, compared to the national average of $12,383
  • Pupil to teacher ratio is 9:1, compared to the national average of 16.8 pupils per student
  • 93.2% high school graduation rate

Top 10 Micropolitan Areas

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