Riding Confused Seas into Manasquan Inlet, Dodging Dark Clouds & Rain

Riding Confused Seas into Manasquan Inlet, Dodging Dark Clouds & Rain

Editor's Note: This entry is part of a series of entries chronicling GolfCourseHome and WaterViewHome Publisher David Lott's cruise from Baltimore to Martha's Vineyard. Look for links to the next entry at the end of each post. You can also find links to other posts at the start of each entry. Day 1: 40 Fast Miles Ends with Engine Failure Day 2 & 3 : Fuel polishing and on to the C&D Canal Day 4: Delaware Bay Day 6: Trump Marina Atlantic City Day 6-7: Confused Seas at Manasquan Inlet Day 7-8: Riding Pea Soup Fog into New York City Day 8-9: Cruising thru New York City & Hell's Gate Day 9-10: Beautiful Boats at Milford, CT Day 11: Saybrook & the Schooner Winfield Lash  Day 12-13: Martha's Vineyard at Last

Up at 5:30 to say say good-by to Atlantic City; these calm waters wouldn't last long.

I have been having a hard time keeping the days on the water in sync with the nights on shore. Been mixing them. Ed Halley of the Cape Dory website says that on the water there is no past, there is no future, there is only the present. That's when you are on the water. But when you hit land, the past and the future crash back into your consciousness and sometimes they just don't meet squarely! It's like riding in a car and hitting a wall. The car stops, but you keep going.

We headed out to the North Atlantic and set up a northward track about 3 miles out to where the time between 2-4 foot cresting rollers was about 8 seconds. These heavy rolls made it hard to work on the computer. Internet service was intermittent and my wireless phone won't turn on.

Rolling Into Manasquan The day was gray and uneventful until we approached Manasquan Inlet. The waves going into the inlet were confused and chaotic, bursting up to 13 foot heights, then dropping down violently, bucking and kicking, a bronco gone berserk. A boat behind us was being towed and taking a beating.

The inlet is narrow with rocks piled high on the jetties on either side. From a half mile distance those rocks look very close together. You wondered whether those bucking waves would throw you into the rocks. Up and down went Avanti, slamming down into a trough, then its bow jerked up with a violent whipsnap. The key is to keep moving forward, letting the waves break past you. You aren't going to outrun these waves.

Finally made it through and the waves calmed down. We went up Willis Hole looking for a place to drop anchor. A dark storm cloud was fast approaching from the west. The wind was starting to blow and rain drops started to fall. Pulled up to a restaurant where "two guys from Jersey" helped grab a line and pulled us in. "Welcome to New Jersey," they said with a smile.

We rushed up to the dockside restaurant just as the heavens opened up. Found the guys who helped us and bought them a beer. "Corona Girls" handed out little foam T-shirts for our beers--weird stuff. Had dinner next door at Jack Baker's Wharfside. Ended up at Hoffman's Marina where Wayne the dock manager said, "Remember us next time. We were the only guys who helped you." He was right. A shark tournament had filled all slips in the area. Thanks, Wayne! Paid $3 a foot for the slip.

Next up Pea Soup Fog and New York City! Miles Traveled: 249. Day 7-8: Riding Pea Soup Fog into New York City.

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