Knifing Through Pea Soup Fog, Avanti Emerges at the Foot of New York City

Knifing Through Pea Soup Fog, Avanti Emerges at the Foot of New York City

Editor's Note: This entry is part of a series of entries chronicling GolfCourseHome and WaterViewHome Publisher David Lott's cruise from Baltimore to Martha's Vineyard. Look for links to the next entry at the end of each post. You can also find links to other posts at the start of each entry. Day 1: 40 Fast Miles Ends with Engine Failure Day 2 & 3 : Fuel polishing and on to the C&D Canal Day 4: Delaware Bay Day 6: Trump Marina Atlantic City Day 6-7: Confused Seas at Manasquan Inlet Day 7-8: Riding Pea Soup Fog into New York City Day 8-9: Cruising thru New York City & Hell's Gate Day 9-10: eautiful Boats at Milford, CT Day 11: Saybrook & the Schooner Winfield Lash  Day 12-13: Martha's Vineyard at Last

The ride north was a test of patience. We could see no marks, buoys are unreadable.

Wayne brought us coffee at 5:30 am and off at 6:15 am. The inlet was not remotely the monster it was the night before with 6-foot rollers coming in somewhat peacefully. The wind was blowing in, pushing the water up, but they seemed paltry compared to the walls of water that threatened us only 12 hours earlier.

Once back out in the North Atlantic, the day took an eerie turn as fog blew in and stayed with us the rest of the day, right into New York City. The thick fog was classic pea soup, limiting visibility to 100 yards. We stared hard into the dull gray haze and it was easy to start seeing things. Shapes turned into boats, sounds were suddenly signaling the approach of a fishing boat or alerting us to something that simply wasn't there.

John at the tiller trying to make sense of the fog.

The day dragged on until we passed Sandy Hook, NJ, and the Verannzano Narrows Bridge came into view and the southern tip of Manhattan started to emerge from the fog.



Traffic quickly became tight with large cargo ships, ferries, pleasure craft, tugboats with barges and more clogging the waterways.

_At anchor, this cargo ship was an imposing sentry that we steered clear of. _
First view of Lady Liberty as the fog slowly starts to lift.

Staten Island ferry.

Lady Liberty shows the way.

Ellis Island and the famed Circle Line.

Liberty Park.

The southern tip of Manhattan.

The Empire State Building loomed in the foggy distance.

The Colgate clock marks the entrance to Liberty Marina and Jersey City, NJ.

Finally at rest at Liberty Marina with Manhattan across the river.

Solid navigation skills shown by Capt. John made the way in seem easy.

As we tightened the lines on the dock, a Cape Dory 33 eased on by with the shouts of "Ahoy, Avanti!" It was Ed Haly, the editor of  the Cape Dory Association

Liberty Marina is home to more than 500 sailboats and motor yachts.



As the day neared its close, we set out into Jersey City for dinner. Day 8-9: Cruising thru New York City & Hell's Gate

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